David Series CD Set


In this series, Pastor Paul explores David, the man after God’s own heart. As David rises on popularity, dealing with the real giants and the giants inside, he encounters praise from people, adversity, and pain. In David’s journey to the palace, understanding God’s timing for the rise and fall of King Saul was crucial. Even as King David assumed the throne of Israel, there would be adversity in his family, teaching us the importance of family. Lastly, as David’s time as king comes to a close, we learn key factors of leadership which are important today.

Series includes:

  • Man After God’s Own Heart
  • How to Kill Your Giants
  • Cheers, Spears & a Lot of Tears
  • King of the Caves
  • It’s Your Time
  • David’s Moral Failure
  • Healing the Father Wound
  • Leading to Leave
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